Mike Mansell has been developing software and helping companies for over 30 years.


  • Help start a company that grew to over 100 employees and was sold to IBM
  • Worked on software ranging from big data systems processing 100k+ records per second, to award-winning electronic forms software, to financial software (ledgers, invoicing, etc.), to elementary school education software, to games.
  • Helped define open standards within the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Consulted with dozens of companies, helping them achieve their business goals by applying technical and business solutions.



  1. Big data Transaction Processing
    1. Mike designed and largely implemented a system that was used for detailed Sales Forecasting.
    2. The system was capable of processing over 100,000 records per second (and regularly did) containing information about upcoming sales. This data was then sorted into heavily faceted reports.
    3. The system used a combination of custom code, Apache Kafka, Apache Zookeeper, IBM DB2, Apache Derby and SugarCRM.
  2. Sales CRM
    1. Mike was the architect of IBM’s Sales CRM solution.
    2. The system was used to provide all CRM functionality for IBM’s 60,000+ sales and support representatives, including deal tracking, quotes, forecasting, pricing, and ticketing.
    3. The core system used a combination of custom code, SugarCRM and IBM DB2, with many additional integrations using things such as IBM MQ Series.
  3. Electronic Forms
    1. Mike was one of the primary architects (and developers) on the IBM Forms solution (formerly known as PureEdge Solutions and UWI.COM).
    2. This system provided customizable, standards-based, electronic forms to hundreds of customers including many in the Fortune 500. These forms were performant, secure, professional-looking and easy-to-use.
    3. The system was primarily custom code using the Java and C languages.
  4. Educational
    1. Mike developed an educational course for Grade 5 students.
    2. This system was used to prove the Masters Thesis of a teacher around types of educational learning in the classroom.
    3. The system was primarily custom code using the BASIC language.
  5. Financial
    1. Mike developed a full bookkeeping solution used by several companies.
    2. This system provided double-entry accounting, payroll, invoices and CRM functionality.
    3. The system was written using the 4th Dimension language.
  6. Games
    1. Mike has developed many add-ons to existing games, such as Minecraft and Factorio.
    2. This is done in the appropriate languages, such as Java and Lua.


  1. Mike has worked with the W3C on a number of standards:
    1. The original electronic forms standard, XFDL ( https://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-XFDL )
    2. The work to develop the XForms standard ( https://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml-forms-req/ )
  2. Mike has worked with other standards organizations (such as Oasis) to help further standards.


  1. Mike has worked with many companies, both individually and as part of a larger organization.
  2. Some example companies are Sears, US Air Force, Security Exchange Commission (SEC), Strategic Accounts Management Association (SAMA) and the Canadian RCMP.
  3. In all cases, Mike worked to help bring a positive business improvement, whether by helping to make business process changes or by implementing the necessary technical solutions.