Timely is a time management application designed for ease-of-use, privacy, security and cost-effectiveness.

With the installation of the Timely server hardware at your location (a Raspberry Pi worth approx $75 USD), the Timely software (approx $200 USD), and an operations contract (approx $25 / month), you’ll be able to track your employee’s time at up to 20 locations.

This system works by having the employee install a small application on their mobile phone (Android with iOS coming soon). The app works in the background, and does not require any interaction by the employee other than the initial setup. As the employee enters and exits your designated locations, the information is recorded on your Timely device.

Use Cases

Salons and Barber shops frequently have the need to track their staffs hours due to government regulations (Employment Insurance, etc.). However, in a lot of cases, their staff are not employee’s but contractors. This removes any incentive for them to fill out a timesheet.

By installing the Timely app onto their mobile phone, their time information is automatically gathered with no effort on the employee’s part.

All the data is easily entered into government forms, saving time and money.

See TBD for a cost saving analysis.

Employee’s frequently travel between multiple construction sites, or travel to sites on their own. Tracking time based on the site becomes very difficult, if not impossible.

By installing the Timely app onto the employee’s cell phone, time is immediately tracked whenever the employee enters or leaves a site.

This can also be used to emergency purposes. Whenever an emergency occurs, the complete list of which employee’s are at which site is instantly available.