So, the 0.1.0 release of Phonely has now been released. This is only available to alpha customers.

Current Features:

  • Supports sending notifications to an XMPP / Jabber client (ie. an app on your cell phone)
  • Supports redirecting all unknown callers (ie. telemarketers) to voicemail.
  • Supports redirecting known callers to a VOIP address (ie. your home phone).
  • Supports basic voicemail capability (listen, delete, save, etc.)

Some information about Phonely use within my own house is available on the blog:

- Stopping Telemarketers and Saving Money - June 29, 2017
- After 4 Months: Stopping Telemarketers / Saving Money Part 2 - October 20, 2017

If you’re interested in using Phonely, please contact me. See the contact form on the home page.

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